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TOT has laid a foundationfor telecommunications system in Thailandfor over 60 years

Organization's general information

TOT has laid a foundation for telecommunications system in Thailand for over 60 years. With its long-lasting experiences, TOT is ready to provide a complete range of telecommunications services to meet the requirements of all target groups to their utmost satisfactions.
Company name
TOT Public Company Limited
TOT Public Company Limited was founded on 24 February 1954, corporatized from Telephone Organization of Thailand on 31 July 2002.
Type of Business
Provides Telecommunications and other related services either directly or through joint ventures with other entities. Activities also include investment in other companies.
Registered Number
Issued and Paid-up Share Capital
million baht
(six thousand million baht)
Share type
common shares
million shares
(six hundred million common shares)
Par value
10 baht per share